This site documents the historical activities of Thursday Night After Burners.

TNAB is a random assortment of hikers without leaders, so its "home" has changed over the years:

The TNAB hiking season generally falls between the spring and fall equinoxes, with a special celebration on or near the summer solstice. As the name implies, TNAB regular season hikes take place on Thursday nights, usually starting at 6pm. In the off-season, TNAB hikers gather for Lunatique hikes when the moon is full. These hikes are usually on Thursdays, but will sometimes take place on other days depending on the moon phase, weather, snow levels, and such. In November, the Lunatique is set aside for the annual Turkey Burner on Mt Teneriffe, which always begins early on the Friday morning after Thanksgiving.

The number of TNAB hikers participating on any given Thursday night varies depending on the destination, weather, and such. The average number of hikers attending all regular season TNAB hikes is 11.7. Here are the average number of hikers by year:

The first solo TNAB was made by Malachi Constant on Humpback in 2007. The only solos since then occurred in 2010 (here and here).