Dirty Harry's Balcony

4.32 1,320'
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Discover Pass required to park.
Driving directions: From Seattle head east on I-90. Take exit 38 toward Homested Valley Rd. Turn right at Homested Valley Rd (signs for I-90). Homested Valley Rd turns slightly left and becomes Frontage Rd. Continue on SE Homestead Valley Rd, passing under I-90 and becoming Grouse Ridge Rd. Resist the urge to drive through the gate to the Fire Training Center if it’s open, it may not be open when you return to the trail head! Parking is just after you pass under I-90, the bend in the road provides ample spots. The trail head is approx .5 miles up the paved road after you have crossed the bridge.
Additional notes: The Birdhouse Trail offers an interesting alternative approach; however it is not a maintained trail and can be quite hard to follow, particularly in the dark, and there are many cliffs in the area. See the GPS tracks for details.
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3/24/2011 13
4/16/2009 17
3/29/2007 21