Humpback Mountain

4.00 2,280'
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Driving directions: From Seattle head east on I-90. Take Exit 47, turn right and cross the bridge. At the intersection turn right onto Tinkham Road (NFD 55). Continue for about a mile to a fork and veer left onto Hansen Creek Road (NFD 5510). Continue up and under the JWT railroad bridge to the second switchback (right). This is the beginning of the lower road route. The upper route begins about a half mile further up the road at a locked gate on the left.
Additional notes: Stats reflect the upper road route. The lower road is the same distance, but offers an additional ~420' of gain.
Trip Hikers
9/12/2013 8
9/6/2012 13
9/8/2011 6
8/26/2010 4
8/20/2009 10
9/4/2008 8
9/20/2007 1