Mt Si (Old Trail)

6.30 3,422'
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Discover Pass required to park.
Driving directions: From Seattle head east on I-90. Take exit 32, turn left onto 436th Ave for 0.5 miles, then left on North Bend Way for 0.2 miles, and finally right onto Mt. Si road for half a mile. Look for the overflow parking lot on the left just over the bridge. Note that both lots have gates and are subject to being closed, but actual closures are very rare. If you are concerned about this, you may want to consider carpooling or parking elsewhere, like at the Snoqualmie Valley Trail crossing of Mt Si road.
Trip Hikers
4/10/2014 12
4/11/2013 11
5/3/2012 5
4/21/2011 13
5/27/2010 10
4/23/2009 16
4/24/2008 12
5/3/2007 16