Mt Washington

8.60 3,350'
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Discover Pass required to park.
Driving directions: From Seattle head east on I-90. Take exit 38 toward Homestead Valley Rd. Turn right off the exit ramp and take the very next right to park at Olallie State Park/Upper Twin Falls trailhead and facility. No northwest forest pass is required to park at this trail head. However, Olallie State Park is considered "day use only", so consider parking on Homestead rather than in the lot to avoid a potential ticket.
Additional notes: The track and stats represent the standard summer route; however, depending on snow levels, different routes may be used by some, including short-cutting of the longer summer route below the pond and/or a direct climb up the north ridge just beyond the pond.
Trip Hikers
4/17/2014 4
6/13/2013 12
4/12/2012 7
4/14/2011 5
4/30/2009 24
5/1/2008 19
5/17/2007 12