Rampart Ridge

4.00 2,035'
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Alpine Lakes Wilderness, please respect all rules and regulations.
Driving directions: From Seattle head east on I-90. Take exit 54 (signed for Gold Creek), turn left and cross under the overpass then shortly turn right onto Gold Creek Rd (NFD 4832). Go approx 2.5 miles until the road changes to gravel, then continue on gravel turning left approx 4.3 miles from freeway at unmarked fork (NFD 136). Stay right at the next fork and continue to the open area at the hairpin turn (total distance 6.2 miles from the freeway). Please note that this road has minor washouts and very heavy brush that may scratch your vehicle.
Trip Hikers
8/22/2013 12
8/16/2012 5
8/18/2011 21
8/5/2010 10
8/27/2009 17
8/28/2008 14
8/30/2007 4